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Pronunciación en inglés de spell

  • deletrear
  • hechizo
  • encanto
  • rato
  • temporada
  • ensalmo
  • turno
  • época
  • escaramujo
  • tanda
  • escribir
  • significar
  • presagiar
  • anunciar

Ejemplos de películas

when you're free of the spell of the elegant Mr. Wilkes.
Gone with the Wind - Scarlett Meets Rhett
He can't even spell. That's actually pretty creative for Wes.
The DUFF - Unfriended
But if this girl is the one who can break the spell...
Beauty and the beast - Join Me For Dinner
Whether you were in love with her, or whether she just put a spell on you.
Bewitched - Uncle Arthur
You couldn't spell "difficulty" if your life depended on it.
Matilda - It's a Newt Scene
He knows how to spell. Just act normal.
Good Boys - Stealing Beer