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Pronuncia di dry in Inglese

  • asciutto
  • asciugare
  • essiccare
  • seccare
  • seccarsi
  • esaurire
  • secco
  • arido
  • arso

Esempi da film

A little dry white wine, some smoked clams, some sun-dried tomatoes...
Mystic Pizza - Don't Monkey With Tradition
- Its nose is dry. - That means something's wrong with it.
Ice Age - Where's the Baby?
were all slipped in there to skim the joint dry.
Casino - The Count Room
Besides, you'd milked him and he was dry.
Body of Lies - You Milked Him
She doesn't know how to dry without leaving spots.
Uptown Girls - You're Workin' For Me!
And you don't know how to dry without destroying the environment.
Uptown Girls - You're Workin' For Me!
I was at the dry cleaner. All I am asking for
Next - I'm Her Future
and in their midst emerged dry land.
Noah - Creation Sequence
I am not prepared for wells to run dry!
Baby Boom - J.C.'s Breakdown