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Como se pronúncia asking

  • perguntando
  • pergunta
  • solicitação

Exemplos de filmes

People keep asking if I'm back.
John Wick - I'm Back
So I'm thinking about asking Tevin if he wants in on the Ferrigno house.
I Love You, Man - Best Bond Impression
Now, I'm asking you this because you're my oldest friend in the world.
Along Came Polly - Reuben and Lisa's Wedding
Police are asking anyone to come forward.
Scary Movie - Run, Bitch, Run!
If you're asking me what to do...
Lucy - A Higher Purpose
So if you're asking me what to do
Lucy - A Higher Purpose
Well, I know what you're asking me. Can I be scary?
Beetlejuice - We're Simpatico
It's a little hard standing here and asking you, so...
Taxi Driver - Travis Visits Betsy
standing in front of a boy... asking him to love her.
Notting Hill - Just a Girl
And all the time I'm diggin', I'm asking myself, When?
Glory - Rawlins Confronts Trip
instead of asking for permission to invest your own money
Hitch - Shock and Awe
You don't know what you're asking, Joe.
Tom Sawyer - Whitewashin'
if you don't like the answers, you should avoid asking the questions.
The Time Machine - All the Years of Remembering
My mother was crying and begging, asking for more time
Freedom Writers - I Am Home
I wrote down a suggested asking price for the house.
War Room - Hot or Cold?
You think the Lord is okay with this asking price?
War Room - Hot or Cold?
We are asking for an injunction to protect all the women.
North Country - A Class Action
- You're asking for a hiding, son. - No, I'm not, honest.
Billy Elliot - Not for Lads
- Sir, if you don't mind my asking... - You don't exist.
Stargate: Continuum - Supposed to Be
When you are asking me out, you are as stubborn as a badger.
Here Comes the Boom - Weirdest Date Ever