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How to pronounce often in English


Examples from movies

because the truth often poses a threat to power,
JFK - The Truth
and one often has to fight power at great risk to themselves.
JFK - The Truth
Maybe even these four guys in my office tried and often succeeded.
Invictus - Reconciliation and Forgiveness Start Here
because, as you know, we don't do that very often
Couples Retreat - Couples Therapy
are often very complicated situations.
XX - Bad Boy
Tell me, do you and your sisters very often walk to Meryton?
Pride & Prejudice - Elizabeth and Darcy's Dance
She's often with this man, but he's always obscured.
Nancy Drew - You're Awesome
Often lacking sincerity or depth.
Case 39 - What Scares You?
He didn't often talk to me about his classmates
Newtown - Someday
Ouch! I should call my mother more often. Get it?
Look Who's Talking - That's Breast Milk