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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Tempest - Bob Dylan

Tempest - Bob Dylan

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

The pale moon rose in it's glory

Out on the Western town

She told a sad, sad story

Of the great ship that went down

T?was the fourteenth day of April

Over the waves she rode

Sailing into tomorrow

To a golden age foretold

The night was black with starlight

The seas were sharp and clear

Moving through the shadows

The promised hour was near

Lights were holding steady

Gliding over the foam

All the lords and ladies

Heading for their eternal home

The chandeliers were swaying

From the balustrades above

The orchestra was playing

Songs of faded love

The watchman, he lay dreaming

As the ballroom dancers twirled

He dreamed the Titanic was sinking

Into the underworld

Leo took his sketchbook

He was often so inclined

He closed his eyes and painted

The scenery in his mind

Cupid struck his bosom

And broke it with a snap

The closest woman to him

He fell into her lap

He heard a loud commotion

Something sounded wrong

His inner spirit was saying

That he couldn?t stand here long

He staggered to the quarterdeck

No time now to sleep

Water on the quarterdeck

Already three foot deep

Smokestack was leaning sideways

Heavy feet began to pound

He walked into the whirlwind

Sky splitting all around

The ship was going under

The universe had opened wide

The roll was called up yonder

The angels turned aside

Lights down in the hallway

Flickering dim and dull

Dead bodies already floating

In the double bottom hull

The engines then exploded

Propellers they failed to start

The boilers overloaded

The ship's bow split apart

Passengers were flying

Backward, forward, far and fast

They mumbled, fumbled, and tumbled

Each one more weary than the last

The veil was torn asunder

'Tween the hours of twelve and one

No change, no sudden wonder

Could undo what had been done

The watchman lay there dreaming

At fourtyfive degrees

He dreamed that the Titanic was sinking

Dropping to her knees

Wellington he was sleeping

His bed began to slide

His valiant heart was beating

He pushed the tables aside