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Choose the correct option
She has no difficulty to do it.
She has no difficulty in doing it.
Can you supply me with all I need?
Can you supply me all I need?

Also provide a person with: She provided her son with all he needed.

That man has long hairs.
That man has long hair.

When we use hair to denote a single thread, the plural form is hairs: I found two long hairs in my food.

The unfortunate man was shot dead.
The unfortunate was shot dead.

The noun that comes after an adjective can't be understood; it must be expressed

Omit the noun after an adjective only when the adjective is used as a noun in the plural: The poor envy the rich.

Gillian has found a work at the bank
Gillian has found work at the bank.

Don't use the indefinite article before such words as work, fun, health, permission.

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