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Choose the correct option
I have great confidence to you.
I have great confidence in you.

In confidence: Let me tell you something in confidence (= as a secret)

The little girl sang beautifully.
The little girl sang beautiful.

We use an adverb, and not an adjective, to qualify a verb.

After verbs such as look, feel, sound, taste, smell use an adjective instead of an adverb: Sugar tastes sweet (not sweetly).

Do you understand the problem?
You understand the problem?

Place the auxiliary verb do (does, did) before the subject to ask questions in the simple present and simple past tenses.

Don't use the auxiliary do with modal verbs, like can, may, must: Can you meet me tomorrow?

I've put at least three kilos.
I've put on at least three kilos.

The opposite of to put on weight is to lose weight: She has lost five kilos.

On Sunday I go to the church.
On Sunday I go to church.

To go to church means to go and pray; while to go to the church means to go and visit the church.

Similarly, distinguish between go to bed and go to the bed, go to prison and go to the prison, go to market and go to the market, go to hospital and go to the hospital, sit at table and sit at the table.

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