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Choose the correct option
The gold is a precious metal.
Gold is a precious metal.

Don't use any article with material nouns, if used in a general sense.

Material nouns, used in a particular sense, require the definite article: The coal from the Midlands is exported to many countries.

He drank half a glass of milk.
He drank half glass of milk.

Half a glass (an hour, a day, a mile, etc.) is the shortened form of half of a glass (of an hour, of a day, of a mile, etc.).

According to my opinion, she's right.
In my opinion, she's right.

Avoid using the phrase as I think instead of I think. Say: He's lazy and I think he'll fail, not as I think.

What's the matter with you today?
What have you today?

What's wrong (with you)?, What's the trouble (with you)? and What's the problem? are also correct.

Who do you think will be chosen?
Whom do you think will be chosen?
Whom do you think I saw yesterday?
Who do you think I saw yesterday?

In the first sentence who is the subject of will be chosen, do you think is a parenthesis. In the second sentence whom is the object of I saw, do you think is a parenthesis

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