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Поширені помилки

Choose the correct option
As usual, he left his pen at home.
As usually, he left his pen at home.
She said that, 'I'm sure to pass.'
She said, 'I'm sure to pass.'

We can't use that in direct speech, i.e. when we repeat the words that some other person has spoken without any change.

In indirect speech we say: He said that he was sure to pass.

Once there lived a great king
Once lived a great king

Use the adverb there to introduce the subject of a sentence in which the verb stands before the subject.

This one looks better than that.
This one looks more good than that.

The adjectives good and bad have irregular forms of companson: good, better, best and bad, worse, worst.

Michael and I are here.
Michael and myself are here.

Use the personal pronouns I, you, he, etc , if no emphasis is necessary.

Use the -self pronouns in two ways: 1) for emphasis:. She herself was hurt, 2) reflexively She hurt herself.

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