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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Nightingale - Eagles

Nightingale - Eagles

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

I'm hanging on to my peace of mind

I just don't know

I'm hanging on to those good times, baby

Just want to let them roll

I'm gonna make it to the light and joy

I'll tell you why

I got a woman who can take me there

the apple of my eye

oh, I just don't know, no no, no, no

I love her so

Don't let me see that morning paper

cause I don't need those dues

it's just the same old murder movie

but they call it the news

I'll tell you what would be some story

and what would set me free

Is if the same thing happened to everybody

that just happened to me, oh,

I just don't know, no, no, no, no