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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Fo Sheezy - Lil Wayne

Fo Sheezy - Lil Wayne

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

[Verse 1]

You know they saying since the bar back on the 'dro, he lackin the flow

And if that ever happen whoa I ain't rapping no more

I'm good with a pina, daq and an o

Gagging and choke like ho put the dick back in your throat

Still packing fo sho

Yeezy Weezy off of the heezy fo sheezy

Cruise with the top off of the 'Ghini

Bars got cheese I got cheddar linguini

That's why I keep the federals scheming

That's why I keep the platinum blinging

Every diamond's like a nice size

I help people with problems look at the bright side

With nice ties on a rise so they sitting me high

And the rims born in '79

Weezy carry the nine glocks

Slipping they gon have to get six niggaz name called carry a pine box

Marry me ma, not

But here's what you can do to me

Give me good brains tutor me

W-E-E-Z-Y Wee

[Hook x4]

They call me Weezy Weezy fo sheezy

Banana clip on the heater

Banana whip on them sneakers

Banana dick going deeper

[Verse 2]

Got a good game honestly so respect the young'n

Got your girl undercover like a detective woman

I'm a mess blow a vest to onion and I'll test your stomach

And the pistols right next to him cousin