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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Destroy & Rebuild - Nas

Destroy & Rebuild - Nas

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

This is a journey into the worlds most largest

And notorious projects, Queensbridge

Listen while Nas saves his hood from the most

Cowardest rappers


He held a mass appeal and a little boy smile

Depressed has a complex his mouth was foul

You need to stay around I feel like telling some stories

First theres this arrogent fuck, his names Cory

Hung around my mans Like and Big Trevor

Trevors still locked up, Likes getting his cheddar

Cory changed his name to arr, whatever

Cornchip, Buckwheat lookalike, its Mega

Right Mega was his name sorry about that

But its so hard to put a cowards name in my rap

Always acting tough, a jokester be fronting

He got snuffed, he got shot in the thigh, he did nothing

But thats Nas always looking out for breadrin

Cause when brethren don't return love it don't stress him

Cause gangstas do gangsta shit, real recognize real

Still laughing to the bank and shit

Back to Cor, got him a deal but his rhymes was whack

Def Jam mad that he signed the contract

Now he got jealous and mad at my shine

Making silly tapes, I'm always on his mind

Nonsense, not to be obnoxious kid

Mega for the record you could suck my dick

Bitch you from around the way its sad what this do to me

But Queensbridge, we gotta have unity

[Chorus x2]

They say the bridge is over, the bridge is over

Nah this is a time we destroy and rebuild it

They say, the bridge is over, the bridge is over

Nah we the strongest hood but weak niggas kill it

So they say, the bridge is over, the bridge is over


Since we on the subject of traders and flunkies

Mega aint the only faggot in my hood dummies

Theres plenty that wanna be me but cannot

Its like King Arther and Knight Sir Lance-A-Lot

Lefty and Donnie Brasco, Gotti and Paul

Before I woulda told you Prodigy's my dog

Through the ups and downs, robberies and all