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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні In The Summertime - Shaggy

In The Summertime - Shaggy

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

It's a summertime affair

Shaggy ha


Sun and fun in the

Atmosphere, oh yes

In the summertime when

The weather is high

You can stretch right up

And touch the sky

When the weather is fine

You've got women

You've got women

On your mind

I'm gonna drive and ride and

See now what I can find

Now if her daddy's rich

Take her out for a meal

And if her daddy's poor

Then do as you feel

Speedin down the lane even

Though the speed limit's 25

And when the sun goes down

I'll make it with my cutie pie

Weh me say

Pretty little women

Sexy as can be

Sweet as a honey

Sting like bumble bee

Shaggy say

Pretty little women

Sexy as can be

Sweet as honey

Sting like bumble bee


It's a summertime affair

In the atmosphere

I man love off her attire

And the clothes she wear

Some burn off them with tyre

And a draw down a gear

Some a shine up wax up

Not a sign of snare

Got to be rolling in my

Christas so the girl them stare

This is Shaggy and Rayvon

As your ultimate pair

Taking care of our career