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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Tell Him - Shayne Ward

Tell Him - Shayne Ward

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

I woke up this morning you know

I had a shocker

See it finally hit me how much

I truly love ya

Stumbling out of bed

I grabbed my phone and called ya

But you were MIA so I decided

to stay right here

Picked up a pen before I knew I had it

Hand written letter to you

with some Vivaldi magic

See every love before this

I had was truly tragic

That's why i'm happy to say

Hey I think it's time you

be telling your boyfriend

Exactly what you and I've been doing

Tell him

The End

Don't know how much more more I can take

Hey nows the time to be telling

your boyfriend

About all of the time we'r spending

Tell him

The end

Baby hey hey hey hey

Now running catching a cab 'cause I just have

to see ya

I tell the driver to drive like

it's gon' break his meter