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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Suck It Up - She Wants Revenge

Suck It Up - She Wants Revenge

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

You couldn't take me anyway

She laughed, I said, I bet you're wrong

Don't you underestimate my dirty mind

My dirty talk, my dirty thoughts

Can't you feel it in the way my body moves

You make me bad, you make me lose

Pretty lover, you're the only one for me

I swear to you, I'd die for you, inside of you

Up against me now, up against a wall

And you wear me down, and you hold on tight

And you lie to me, did you lie to me

So many reasons why you're just not right for me

I forget them all, well at least I try

Who am I kidding, you're my one and only vice

Just don't you see, don't, don't you see

That this is the end, 'cause I believe it's you and I

There is no, no other way

N-no, n-no, no, she said, don't you even speak it

Then you're going to say there will be no after

Not this time

But should I ever be lonely when night falls

And flooded with memories

She'll say suck it up, big boy

Then you're going to say there will be no after

Only photographs and time

Should I ever be flooded with memories

Or drunk on the moonlight

I swear that I'll be just fine

I see you think you're so clever now