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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Boom ft. T-Pain - Snoop Dogg

Boom ft. T-Pain - Snoop Dogg

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення


Get your money with your hand

Executive branch blow ma smoke like a player

Yeah in the club, yes it cracks

Cute little mama, put the stacks with bags

I'm smokin' weed purple urple

You and doggie world come and join my circle

I'll break down herbal til I move like a turtle

My money gets drain and my Porsche is turbo

In hot pursuit, come right with Snoop

Maybe it's the lawyer, her body the truth

I'm in the gate for real, it takes to chill

I walk in the club and make quite a deal

I'm the big dogg, best beware

You're coming with me, if you stops the stares

You'll be on my team in my car on the way to the spot

Yes you are, toast and love, toast and love

And when we're done, we west coasting love

for shendo blow an endo,

how much will the Dogg get the window

oh. what?



Say what? say what?


Talk to 'em T-pain


Baby I'm a Dogg! (I'm a Dogg!), beware! (beware!)

I'll do whatever, however I want! (I want!)

If you call me out! (call me out!), oh yeah! (oh yeah!)

Now put your hand in the air with your hair and go

La la la la la

Boom shakalaka when I drop all my appleseed

La la la la la

One pay the point




Tell 'em about the money, the money I got

Ony VIP tip, my ... ain't gonna lie

Hit 'em with stars where the bottle never stops

Got a model on my lap, Baby show me wat you got