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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні No Reason - Sum 41

No Reason - Sum 41

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

All of us believe

That this is not up to you

The fact of the matter is

That it's up to me

Hey, Hey, Hey

Hey, Hey, Hey

Let's Go

How can we fake this anymore (anymore)

Turn our backs away, and choose to just ignore (choose to just ignore)

(Some say) Some say it's ignorance

It makes me feel some innocence

(Some say) It takes away a part of me

But I won't let go

Tell me why can't you see, it's not the way

When we all fall down, it will be too late

Why is there no reason we can't change

When we all fall down, who will take the blame

What will it take

Nothing could ever be this real (be this real)

A life unsatisfied that I could never feel (I could never feel)