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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні I Know You Missed Me - T.I.

I Know You Missed Me - T.I.

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

I know you miss me

I know you miss me


They say the city ain't the same in a night like die

Since T.I.'s inside like the streets been quiet

I know you miss me

I know you miss me

I know I Know

The say the dugs ain't ballin' and the dubs ain't fallin'

Like the club been sorry, but I'm back now shawty, ay

I know you miss me

I know you miss me

I know I know

[Verse 1:]


You know I do it for the city and everybody descending

The generals and lieutenants salute high representors

Since I've been sittin' a minute no-everybody be missin'

Me walking off in the club

Gettin' everybody attention

When I'm out record with spinnin'

They start it from the beginning

Get bottles of Christian Remy

And pass it out to the women

Pull out a stack of 20

Throw it up to the ceiling

Watch it fall to the floor

Start throwin' some more

Has anybody you know

Whatever part it you go

With me in the VIP

Know that shit was outta control

If I pull up in a Mercedes

I hop in out of the road

Continue hatin' but hey

I'm the fly-est guy that you know

Ay, East coast, West coast, me in way south

I keep a fire marshal at the go stressed out

Mine stretched around the corner, shut the whole event down

Been a minute in the city since it really went down, man