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Переклад (по кліку) і текст пісні Movies (feat. The Game, Crooked I, Slim the M.. - Xzibit

Movies (feat. The Game, Crooked I, Slim the M.. - Xzibit

Текст Пісні
слова на вивчення

Maybe it's time I change religions on you turning christians

To a muslin, turn a buddhist to a christian

Tell 'em catholic Ronnie been it

Sipping red wine inside the pentagon

Writing sinister lines till all the ink inside my pen is gone

Jeremy Lee got the world watching ESPN

My sick porno obsession got me watching these lesbians

I'm a sick fucking psychotic master

The mic is my sword the booth is your casket

I'm sitting inside the classic 6 4 with the ratchet

Throwing up west side is my worst fucking habit

Only snap backs and egos eyes looking through peep holes

Is why I don't trust no one except God and Tim Tebow

Living my destiny poppin' pills high as fuck

Fucking bitches in the club holding my space bottle up

I think it's time you salute me or shoot me

Either way I'm the star of this motherfucking booth

They say I got a suicidal tendency murdering my enemies verse

It ain't no questioning thunder under my shirt

Fuck around and you'll be up under the dirt

This automatic will turn your home into a hearse

Worse case scenario pipe bound your burial

They gonna have to bury your twice

The scary cat on this night life

The golf stream vibing what the weed is top flight

My PO already know I'm a motherfucking flight risk

Heavy chain light risk pay cash for everything that white bitch

She got it, she got it, that's my words the oriental

62 minutes they got it looking like murder all

I'm leaning hard in that flat back turbo charge

Coupe on 20 fours pedal to the floor

100 shots of that nigga still got plenty more

Slim the mobster am I is really made uzzi

We turn your block to a motherfucking movie

Lights, cameras, action niggas ready to shoot you

But these ain't lights ain't cameras pointed at you