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Англійська вимова слова book

  • глава
  • розділ
  • книжка
  • том
  • брати квіток
  • домовлятися
  • приймати замовлення
  • замовляти
  • замовляти заздалегідь
  • заносити в книгу
  • записувати
  • запрошувати

Приклади з фільмів з Book

Eighteen years later, the kid comes and he writes a book about you saying how much of a jackass you are.
Trainwreck - I Scored on LeBron James
I bet you read that book every year. I bet you just love that...
You've Got Mail - Very First Zinger
I read every book in the library. And now?
Bridesmaids - Pity Party
if I'm wrong about the whole "book down the trousers" scenario,
Notting Hill - Can I Have Your Autograph?
Okay. What if... I did have a book down my trousers?
Notting Hill - Can I Have Your Autograph?
where he took the black Book of the Dead from its holy resting place.
The Mummy - Imhotep Is Mummified Alive
Hello. I'm Gail Hailstorm, author of the book, You're Dead, I'm Rich.
Scary Movie - Run, Bitch, Run!
Oh, I don't like this book. This is going on forever.
Despicable Me - Bedtime Story
and you guys are all right in my book.
Despicable Me - Steal the Moon
I thought your last book was even better than the first.
Capote - Paying for Compliments
- We have a poet on board. - May I have my book back, please?
Memphis Belle - Poetry
That book was written by a bunch of stupid girls
Mean Girls - Making Things Right
Well, you didn't write that whole book yourself.
Mean Girls - Making Things Right
- Have you seen the new book on Cezanne? - Er, no. May I use the phone?
Six Degrees of Separation - I Was Mugged
...got the book on Cezanne, got the gauze from the kitchen,
Six Degrees of Separation - I Was Mugged
So Anna tells me your bloke wrote a book.
Closer - Anna's Photo Exhibition
Mugatu's derelicte campaign. Sorry you didn't book it.
Zoolander - I'm Not Your Brah
How much to keep this here book?
Paper Moon - Bible Salesmen
Really? Women will sleep with you if you write a book?
Finding Forrester - The Pulitzer Prize
Women will sleep with you if you write a bad book.
Finding Forrester - The Pulitzer Prize
but he's working on a new book.
Mother - Shopping
Isn't there a children's book about an elephant named Babar?
Fletch - Bend Over, Mr. Babar

Аудіо вимова Book

Американська вимова

Book вимовлено Ivy (дитина, дівчинка)
Book вимовлено Joanna (дівчина)
Book вимовлено Kendra (дівчина)
Book вимовлено Kimberly (дівчина)
Book вимовлено Salli (дівчина)
Book вимовлено Joey (чоловік)
Book вимовлено Justin (дитина, хлопчик)
Book вимовлено Matthew (чоловік)

Британська вимова

Book вимовлено Amy (дівчина)
Book вимовлено Emma (дівчина)
Book вимовлено Brian (чоловік)