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Англійська вимова слова could


Приклади з фільмів з Could

It's insane, impossible, crazy to think that buffoon could ever win an election.
Donald Trump Will Never Be President… Or Will He?
♪ Put on as many filters as you could, all the filters
CC:Social Scene - The Perfect Profile Picture
The minions took an instant liking to Man and helped him as best they could.
Minions Many Evil Bosses
so he could live in your house, eat your food, and multiply.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
We could be infested with these things.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
Thanks, Mr. Poopybutthole. I always could count on you.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
Guys, my brothers could be watching me right now.
Accepted - Ask Me About My Wiener
With the thoughts you'd be thinking you could be another Lincoln
If I Only Had a Brain - The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Wonderful!!! Why if our scarecrow back in Kansas could do that
If I Only Had a Brain - The Wizard of Oz (1939)
And so, if the government could just get to the kitchen,
Clueless - R.S.V.P.
rearrange some things, we could certainly party with the Haitians.
Clueless - R.S.V.P.
-No, no. - Drinks are on me.- I wish I could.
Identity Thief - Big Chuck and Diana
Yes. Very much. Perhaps the ear, if you could try.
Peeples - The Sweat Teepee
It could have been some terrorist booby-trap,
The Happening - Talking to Plants
Really? You think I could end up being as good as my dad if I keep practicing?
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Whack-Bat
Rick, could I have my breakfast, please? Yes, sir. Sheila?
Falling Down - The Customer is Always Right

Аудіо вимова Could

Американська вимова

Could вимовлено Ivy (дитина, дівчинка)
Could вимовлено Joanna (дівчина)
Could вимовлено Kendra (дівчина)
Could вимовлено Kimberly (дівчина)
Could вимовлено Salli (дівчина)
Could вимовлено Joey (чоловік)
Could вимовлено Justin (дитина, хлопчик)
Could вимовлено Matthew (чоловік)

Британська вимова

Could вимовлено Amy (дівчина)
Could вимовлено Emma (дівчина)
Could вимовлено Brian (чоловік)