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Англійська вимова слова lesbian

  • лесбійська
  • лесбіянка
  • лесбійський

Приклади з фільмів

I guess it's probably because I've got a big lesbian crush on you.
Mean Girls - Regina Meets Bus
Well, where's the penetration in lesbian sex?
Chasing Amy - The Virginity Standard
I mean, I couldn't have a lesbian at my party.
Mean Girls - Regina Bashes Janis
Uh-huh. And I can't be a lesbian because she's so unattractive...
Hot Pursuit - I Am Her Lover Scene
It's a focus on the issues of the lesbian purebred dog owner.
Best in Show - American Bitch
What is that male obsession with lesbian sex about? I don't get it.
Kissing Jessica Stein - Lesbian Sex
I'm just trying to wrap my mind around her being a lesbian.
Freeheld - It Offends Traditional Values
Did you know that WebFlix has an entire gay and lesbian section?
G.B.F. - Get It Together Now