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Англійська вимова слова month

  • місяць
  • місячник

Приклади з фільмів

Open every second Thursday of the month, noon to three. Bring the whole family.
The Last Stand - She Has a Little Kick
Cupcake got a new Twinkie coming out next month.
Next Friday - Day-Day's Problems
You're gonna be convinced of that till next month when you get to James Lemon.
Good Will Hunting - My Boy's Wicked Smart
I had this opportunity to get this job last month.
Barbershop - Reparations
Oh, my... My birthday's not for a month.
Marley & Me - Clearance Puppy
- Hi, guys. - Just adopted the mom last month.
Marley & Me - Clearance Puppy
How many Ferraris you sold this month ?
Scent of a Woman - Gray Ghosts
...we'd be making $23 million a month in interest.
Dave - Balancing the Budget
This month, women are stuffing diamonds in my pockets.
Dirty Dancing - Dance With Me
and next month, we'll run the whole lot of them by you. Hm?
Hitch - Shock and Awe
Why, I was just talking to him not less than a month ago.
Paper Moon - Bible Salesmen
He said he talked to Benjamin, less than a month ago.
Paper Moon - Bible Salesmen
for more than a month before he died.
Paper Moon - Bible Salesmen
I actually made him an honorary homo last month.
I Love You, Man - A Girlfriend Guy
Yes. I mean, eleganz a mack daddy of the month.
Boomerang - My Mack Daddy Vibe
I'm here to guess what the music might do a week, a month,
Margin Call - The Music Stops
Or 25,410,000 miles a month.
Margin Call - A Bridge
You want to go into production with this in one month?
Argo - A Fake Movie
I'm opening at Electric Factory next month.
Creed - You Got a Jawn?
I got a three-month plan. You can't just throw me into this.
Funny People - Marginally Famous A**hole
Steven said that you spent $16,000 last month.
Bad Teacher - You Never Loved Me
The last month before she disappeared, she's only shown from here up.
Nancy Drew - You're Awesome
I'm gonna build hundreds of skateboards a month...
Lords of Dogtown - No Team Anymore
Sorry I didn't wear pants for a month.
Passengers - Partner Mode