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Англійська вимова слова natural

  • природний
  • дурник
  • ідіот
  • обдарована людина
  • земне існування
  • підхожа людина
  • кретин
  • дикий
  • звичайний
  • натуральний
  • позашлюбний
  • земний
  • невимушений
  • природжений
  • зрозумілий
  • некультивований
  • необроблений
  • природничий
  • нормальний
  • справжній
  • фізичний

Приклади з фільмів

No, but I think I have some of the same raw natural talent, don't you?
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Whack-Bat
It could only be your natural timidity must have kept you from mentioning it.
All About Eve - Fasten Your Seatbelts
You're in violation of every natural law that I know.
Death Becomes Her - Medical Mystery
In violation of every natural law that I know!
Death Becomes Her - Medical Mystery
I've got you for the rest of your natural boring life
The Breakfast Club - Eat My Shorts
All natural cocoa beans from the upper slopes of mt. Nicaragua.
The Truman Show - Do Something!
There are many of us here who are looking for a natural explanation.
The Wolfman - You're Trespassing
...you'll see it has a much better natural flow...
Click - Last Time with Dad
The majority simply have a natural explanation
Red Lights - Lecture
Do you know how many men there are who would give anything for a natural erection?
The Sessions - The Wrong Way to Start Off
The whole area has ice up high that forms these natural kickers.
The Fourth Phase - Hydrology and Sports
that harnesses the natural cleaning and foaming power of
The Guilt Trip - I'm Not Changing the Label!