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Past Simple Tense ejercicios

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  • Phrase 1/15

    Last Friday I attedateeat a hamburger and French fries with my friends

  • Phrase 2/15

    I didnt sleptsleepsleeped very well because my neighbors had a party.

  • Phrase 3/15

    I cant find my smartphone. I think I leftleavingleave it at Toms house.

  • Phrase 4/15

    My cousin studiedstudydid studied a lot last week for his Maths exam.

  • Phrase 5/15

    Emily cancouldn’tdidn’t can read when she was 4, but she can now.

  • Phrase 6/15

    Where did they wentgoesgo at Christmas?

  • Phrase 7/15

    My father makesmadeis making a cake last night.

  • Phrase 8/15

    DidWereWas Diana born in Norfolk?

  • Phrase 9/15

    They ate sandwiches and drinkdrinksdrank chocolate milk.

  • Phrase 10/15

    Last night, they watchedwatchwatchingFrozentogether.

  • Phrase 11/15

    Three days ago, Julio was studystudiedstudy for the Science test.

  • Phrase 12/15

    The baby girl sleptsleepssleep yesterday for two hours.

  • Phrase 13/15

    We went to Acapulco last summer. Dad drovedrivedriving our car.

  • Phrase 14/15

    Alex didn't wearwearedwore his jacket yesterday.

  • Phrase 15/15

    I traveltraveledtravels to London three months ago.