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Angela was married to a rich man.
Angela was married with a rich man.

Also engaged to: Sally was engaged to Peter for a year before they got married.

I've put on at least three kilos.
I've put at least three kilos.

The opposite of to put on weight is to lose weight: She has lost five kilos.

This is an exception of the rule.
This is an exception to the rule.

 We say with the exception of: She liked all her subjects with the exception of physics

Kathy always wears black shoes.
Kathy always puts on black shoes.
I put on my clothes in the morning.
I wear my clothes in the morning.

Wear means to have upon the body as a garment or as an ornament. To put on denotes a simple act.

To dress has nearly the same meaning as to put on, but the object of dress is a person and not a thing: He dressed himself and went out, The mother dressed her baby

The driver allowed to John to sit in the front seat.
The driver allowed John to sit in the front seat.

Permit has a similar meaning to let, though it's used in more formal situations: The teacher doesn't permit us to talk in class.

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