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Errores frecuentes

Choose the correct option
I'll write to her tomorrow
I'll write her tomorrow.

When the direct object of write is expressed, omit the preposition: I'll write him a letter.

I've read the two first chapters.
I've read the first two chapters.

Place ordinal numerals before cardinal numerals. There can't be two first chapters, only one. Similarly, we must say: The last two (three, etc.), and not The two (three, etc.) last.

The teacher spoke for bad habits,
The teacher spoke about bad habits.

Don't use for in the sense of about. The chief use of for is to convey the idea of being in favour of. If we say that the teacher spoke for bad habits it's like saying that he/she spoke in favour of bad habits!

I never met such a good man before.
I never met a such good man before.

Place the indefinite article a or an after such: such a good man.

Him laughing at her was what made her angry.
His laughing at her was what made her angry.

When we use an -ing verb as a noun. the preceding noun or pronoun must be possessive.

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Sory, but this user can't accept your call now.

Sorry, but you can't call to this user.