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Hoodie Allen - Eighteen Cool traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Eighteen Cool - Hoodie Allen

palabras a estudiar

Da da dadadada

Da da dadadada

Da da dadadada

We All-American

Yeah I said party over here

Call up everybody we know

This is for the women who be feeding off my ego

Tell 'em that I made it

'Cause I listen to my haters

Took what they said and negated

Yeah I played it like I'm Tebow

Pour me out another one

Take a shot and reload

Girls be waiting for me

Got them lining up like free throws

Everywhere that we go

They say I'm their favorite but

I see that you been faking

Baby I know how to make it in America

Doing what we love and we passionate

Your girl is cashing it

Courtney Kardashian

You pulled up with some honey bees

And I pulled out with half of them

'Cause I ain't going home

If I ain't going with the baddest chick

Thumbs up to my friends drinking whiskey.

Peace out to the girls that'll miss me.

Middle finger to the dudes back in high school.

'Cause you peaked at eighteen, cool



'Cause you peaked at eighteen, cool



You make me look so good.

Yeah nights be getting kinda cold

And lonely on the interstate