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Liam Payne - Tell Your Friends traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Tell Your Friends - Liam Payne

palabras a estudiar

Can't defend my reputation, girl

If you don't even make a sound

Hold me down

Overcome my limitations

Just speak up, don't let them bring us down

To bring us down

So, you can tell your friends

Oh, you're the only one, only one I think about

Every time you go, I want you to stay around

If you want to give 'em something to talk about

(Say it loud, tell them, say it out loud)

Oh, I tell them I'm the one, I'm the one you can't be without

You can tell your friends I never let you down

How I let you erase every single doubt

(Tell your friends, tell your, tell your friends)

So, you can tell your friends

You should put it out your mind

'cause it's jealousy

People hate what they can't have

And they should let it be

I know how to love 'cause you taught me how

I don't like who I used to be, but that don't matter now

'Cause they're in your head but I'm in your heart

Put up a fight before they tear us apart

You know me, you know they don't even know me

(So, you can tell your friends)