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Lil Wayne - Lovely traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Lovely - Lil Wayne

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[Verse 1]

I love myself

I love what I am

I love who I is

I love Weezy

Lil girl your man your damn kids love Weezy

You gotta love the nigga just because other nigga

And I don't love other niggaz

But I love other niggaz bitches

I love 20-inches on everything I sit in

I love my nappy hair

I love the shit I wear

You gotta love the squad-ad girl

If she ain't giving love to the whole squad-ad

Get outta here

You people love the shit I pop in your ear

You gon love the shit I do to hip-hop this year

You gonna love when I bring it back to the block this year

I represent the Biggie and 'Pac era; you gotta love me

That I know ma love me just cuz I got a lot of money

But I love that girl too, but I love that girl too

I let y'all know me and I would love to know you

Now come on

[Hook x2]

Everything that I love in this world

Has gotta be the greatest thing in this world if I love it

Cuz, I love this, I love that, I love y'all because

Everything in this world is just love

[Verse 2]

I know you probably love the bar, right

You love to live that big dog life

You love to live just like a young'n Weezy by here