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Ronan Keating - The Long Goodbye traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

The Long Goodbye - Ronan Keating

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I know they say if you love somebody

You should set them free (so they say)

But it sure is hard to do

Yeah, it sure is hard to do

And I know they say if they don't come back again

Then it's meant to be (so they say)

But those words ain't pulling me through

Cos I'm still in love with you

I spend each day here waiting for a miracle

But it's just you and me going through the mill

(climbin' up a hill)


This is the long goodbye

Somebody tell me why

Two lovers in love can't make it

Just what kind of love keeps breaking a heart?

No matter how hard I try

You're gonna make me cry

Come on, baby, it's over, let's face it