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Semargl - Credo Possess traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Credo Possess - Semargl

palabras a estudiar

Here I come, come, to slave you

Bring you down, all your values

No resist, I’ll make to subdue

Say “Good bye!”, I’m killing you

Abase your self, yes, more and more

Stooping you, like a dirty whore

On bended knees, on soiled floor

You may enjoy, I’m fucking you

Submit to my command

No escape, no liberate

You feel my insolence

I’m gonna be your wicked guide

I am not jesus not messiah

I am not Lucifer, god of fire

I am your mystery, I’m your desire

I’m gonna be your cherished drug

Possess, possess, possess, with a vicious grace