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Shania Twain - Crime Of The Century traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Crime Of The Century - Shania Twain

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I was into bein' out on my own

I could take love or leave it alone

That's how you get when you're hurt to the bone

One too many times

I had this heart of mine locked away

I kept my guard up night an' day

I had enough of the games they play Out there on the line...

It was the crime of the century

You played Robin Hood an' rescued me

Ali Baba an' the Forty Thieves

Ain't got nothin' on you

You came on like Jesse James

You stole my heart like you were robbin' trains

I'm gonna lock you up for life with me

It was the crime of the century

You stacked the deck, you didn't gamble at all

You knew exactly how the cards would fall

You bet your heart, but as I recall