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Shayne Ward - Until You traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Until You - Shayne Ward

palabras a estudiar

Baby life was good to me,

But you just made it better.

I love the way you stand by me,

Through any kind of weather.

I don´t wanna run away,

Just wanna make your day.

When you feel the world is on your shoulders,

I don´t wanna make it worse.

Just wanna make us work,

Baby tell me I will do whatever.


It feels like nobody ever knew me; until you knew me.

Feels like nobody ever loved me; until you loved me.

Feels like nobody ever touched me; until you touched me.

Baby nobody, nobody,

Until you...

[Verse 2.]

Baby it just took one hit of you now I´m addicted,

You never know what´s missing,

Till you get everything you need, yeah.

I don´t wanna run away,