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Skillet - Invincible traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Invincible - Skillet

palabras a estudiar

Target on my back

Lone survivor lasts

They got me in their sights

No surrender no

Trigger fingers go

Living the dangerous life

Hey, hey, hey

Everyday when I wake

I'm trying to get up, they're knocking me down

Chewing me up, spitting me out

Hey, hey, hey

When I need to be saved

You're making me strong, you're making me stand

Never will fall, never will end

Shot like a rocket up into the sky

Nothing could stop me tonight

You make me feel invincible

Earthquake, powerful

Just like a tidal wave

You make me brave

You're my titanium

Fight song, raising up

Like a roar of victory in a stadium

Who can touch me cause I'm

I'm made of fire

Who can stop me tonight

I'm hard wired

You make me feel invincible

I feel, I feel it


I feel, I feel it


Here we go again

I will not give in

I've got a reason to fight

Every day we choose