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Sonata Arctica - My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare - Sonata Arctica

palabras a estudiar

My painted face, I'm a clown,

and I'm laughing while my dream turns into a nightmare,

fade away, I'm asleep,

not too deep...

The walls of night have left me scarred

the broken glass I stepped on, twice.

the ardent spirits' rusty edge, decapitate me...

I can't sleep, fear darkness

go through the motions, did I fall asleep?

I'm bowling, the old nine pin, a sign unwanted...

Now I'm a target, I'm hot and frozen,

stormy rain I'm stuck in an elevator

wet from the muddy water,

breathing hot air, winds convey me...


the number talks and I cry in my own Hell....


Wide awake, I'm asleep, see a friend as a ghost