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Tally Hall - A Hymn for a Scarecrow traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

A Hymn for a Scarecrow - Tally Hall

palabras a estudiar

You hang around for a living

Somewhere between all the land and the sky

Being by never forgiving

Nobody knows you and neither do I

Birds may believe at a distance

You wear a grin and keep perfectly still

Driven away with persistence

I wonder if they have wondered or will ever wonder

Ever wonder

Farmer Jim hums when he's all alone

He may imagine you heard and he knew

You wouldn't hear what he might have known

I wonder whether he wonders if you ever wonder

Ever wonder

Oh, scarecrow, maybe the wind knows

Whether you wonder who's calling your name

Scarecrow, maybe the wind knows

Whether you wonder if you are to blame

Mother Earth's love whispered to me (And it wasn't her fault)

Real is a feeling and feeling is real