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The Driver Era - Preacher Man traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Preacher Man - The Driver Era

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Hey, Mr. Preacher Man

I've been playing with a heart like a violin

I've been stumbling through the door after 6 A.M.

Fix my soul so I don't lose a love again

Hey, Mr. Preacher Man

Can you help me get away from this life of sin?

I'm ashamed of the dark places I have been

Fix my soul so I don't lose a love again

I was driving through the city

Just looking at myself

My conscience telling me

That I should just turn this car around

But man, I've got these demons

And they're telling me to go

Further into the night

So the further I go

I'm down on my knees

Yeah, I'm paranoid

Don't wanna repeat

What I did before

I wanna believe