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The Script - Good Ol' Days traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Good Ol' Days - The Script

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Up in the bar all smoking cigars

While we were drinking Irish whiskey straight from the jar

Talkin' 'bout them better days are not that far

Whoever's coming back to mine you better bring the guitar

You play a sad song, yea sing it from the heart

Tell a sad story, yea tell it from the start

Pass me on the pain that you made into art

Yea, piercin' through my skin like a heroin dart

When someone's strummin' on the strings and they're spittin' things,

Everybody's movin' groovin' vibes when the other sings

They gon' kill you with their passion and their soul

When the first verse drops, you'll be fightin' back the tears and all

While another man's crying in his beers and all

While his woman's sayin' cheers to it all

Ain't no shame in the game, just the way we were raised

For all we sing about better days, better days

Oh, we'll remember this night when we're old and gray

Cause in the future these will be the good ol' days

Oh and we're arm in arm as we sing away

In the future this will be the good ol' days

Ten o'clock and it's off, what started as a pub crawl

Now we're all lost

Better live it out tonight, tomorrow's gonna cost