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The Wombats - Give Me A Try traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Give Me A Try - The Wombats

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I know that I like to let excess succeed

But I just need you in that fur coat

With only my necklace on underneath

And I don't care why this apartment's always cold

London can try, it'll never swallow me whole

And I swear,

We could be gigantic, everything I need

Vicodin on Sunday nights

This could be worth the risk, worth the guarantee

This could be the drug that doesn't bite

Just give me a try

Just give me a try

Been kind of hoping you might

Get up and give me a try

I know, sometimes I lose the plot and I cause a scene

What do you dream of on the west coast

When my head is aching in GMT

And I don't care why this apartment's so ice cold