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Tokio Hotel - Raise your hands traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Raise your hands - Tokio Hotel

palabras a estudiar

You say it's all so important

All right that's what you're playin' at

I know you are more than perfect

Believe and I'll believe in that

Move back and than move forward

Okay, that's got to be the way

Stand still otherwise it's over

Run on but don't you run away

My head is full of nothing

See my shadows passing by

One thousand diagnoses

Yeah, yeah, okay

Who cares?

We are here tonight

Leave the world aside

I see you shining bright

Raise yours hands together

Chaos all around

Why we're going down

Let's stop fearing now

Raise yours hands together

All together

You say you can come with me

Don't doubt, don't you dare

What's ever gonna happer tomorrow

Was your plan well prepared?