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Why Don't We - I Depend On You traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

I Depend On You - Why Don't We

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When you dream, I hope that you will dream of me

And if you ever fall, I hope you'll fall for me

And I swear I know your face, I saw you out there

Cause I depend on you

When you need me you just call me

I'll be there

When you look over your shoulder

I'll be there

You don't ever have to worry

Cause I depend on you, I depend on you

When you breathe, silent symphony

When you blink, you steal the sight from me

When we kiss, endless symmetry

You don't have to worry I depend on you

I depend on you

No, you never have to worry

I depend on you

Cause I'll be there in a hurry

I depend on you