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Will Smith - Chasing Forever traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Chasing Forever - Will Smith

palabras a estudiar

Early mornin' wake up

Gently with the Caress on your hand

And that Kimono that I bought you on my trip to Japan

Sunshine peekin through the venitian blinds

Four years, and like wine, you got finer with time

I got a question, if the prodda dressin and the Gucci

All got goes, and the freeze on the Lucci

I mean real bad girl, I'm talking rougher than rough

Do you think it'd be enough if we just had us?

Don't answer quick, think about it cause I'm askin for real

Golddiggers goin' to hear this song drivin and crash at the wheel

Forever is a long time, so far we gettin along fine

No car I ever drove, no ice I ever saw

No music I ever made, ain't nothin I wanted more

We could deal with whatever together

Sunshine, all that other weather, when we chasin forever


I wanna stay with you forever

I wanna spend all my life with only you

I wanna stay, lets stay together

Chasing forever, with only you

Chasin forever, a buckwild, endeavorous scene