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Yelawolf - Sky's the Limit traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Sky's the Limit - Yelawolf

palabras a estudiar

They said the sky is the limit

Well I guess it all depends on you

And your views

In this American dream

Don't tell me that the sky is the limit

Cause it ain't about what you can do

It's a who knows who

In this American dream

Okay you got criminals everywhere, right?

Criminals smugglin' dope across borders to feed America's high appetite

Kis, pounds, ounces, grams, whatever the weight of substance is gettin' sold

Cause drugs got a price

Home hydroponics, LSD chemist

Spoon cookin' heroine, junkies fill up methadone clinics

Get caught for crack and catch a long sentence

You ask me how I feel about that, maybe you got the wrong witness

I heard Jay Z's cool with Obama

Obama must be cool with me then I guess if I'm packin' up this Honda

I highly doubt it but fuck it, it's worth a shout out

At least that's what I tell the judge before I gracefully bowed out

Meanwhile I'm gettin' taken to the county for a seed

There's a news flash on the holdin' cell TV

Boston bombed by a terrorist at a marathon

8 year old killed and the killer's still free