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Pronunciación en inglés de cell

  • celda
  • célula
  • pila
  • elemento

Ejemplos de películas

I mean, you wouldn't want to set up housekeeping in a padded cell.
Arsenic and Old Lace - Insanity Runs in My Family
Oh, yeah, sure, he just got off the cell phone with me.
Elf - Buddy Meets His Dad
the infinite capacity of a cell's nucleus.
Lucy - A Higher Purpose
the development of the first cell
Lucy - A Higher Purpose
What's that? A ghetto cell phone?
Kick-Ass 2 - The Sick Stick
Every cell knows and talks to every other cell.
Lucy - Time is the Answer
Everybody, look at your cell phones right now! Everybody!
Now You See Me - Robbing Tressler
That's my personalized cell-phone tone ring.
The Pink Panther - Big Brass Balls
"Kim"? You have her number programmed into your cell phone?
The Last Kiss - Lying About Cheating
And... Techline cell phones. We own Techline cell phones.
In Good Company - Synchronize and Synergize
Half of China just lost cell reception.
Extraction - Condor Activated
- What number? Ben cell number? - Yes
Brake - Trapped
We are gonna put you in a four-by-six cell for the rest of your life.
American Made - A Cadillac for Your Troubles Scene