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Pronunciación en inglés de code

  • código
  • prefijo
  • clave
  • cifrar

Ejemplos de películas

a code so severe that whoever breaks it is hounded from our midst...
To Kill a Mockingbird - Mayella's Guilt
He was trying to work out the code.
Proof - Glad He's Dead
Some kind of code these guys used in the can.
Scarface - Political Prisoner
Yeah, well, I'm assuming it's like a code word
Mission: Impossible 3 - The Anti-God
for 850 million dollars, by the way. Or maybe it's not a code word.
Mission: Impossible 3 - The Anti-God
But the error code is wrong. It's a system error.
Steve Jobs - Fix the Voice Demo
health code violation.
Zootopia - Popsicle
<i>But you're getting sloppy, Ray. You broke your famous code, didn't you?</i>
The Specialist - No Mercy, No Loyalty, No Code