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Pronunciación en inglés de duck

  • pato
  • pata
  • ánade
  • dril
  • cero
  • esquiva
  • agachada
  • chapuzón
  • zambullida
  • pichón
  • chapuz
  • querido pensar
  • querida
  • agacharse
  • esquivar
  • agachar
  • bajar
  • agachar la cabeza
  • sumergirse
  • zambullirse
  • chapuzar
  • chapuzarse
  • hurtar el cuerpo

Ejemplos de películas

This would seriously be the first photo of this extinct duck?
A Birder's Guide to Everything - Project ANAS
If I tried drawing a draft, the Yankees'd be on me like a duck on a June bug.
Gone with the Wind - Abasing Herself
I know he's a duck. But he treats me like a lady.
Open Season - You Are Home Scene
On a duck! Up the creek without a...
Flushed Away - Ice Cold Rita
But she left me stuck Stranded on a duck
Flushed Away - Ice Cold Rita
Anyway, um, about that duck, you want me to get rid of him still?
Looney Tunes: Back in Action - Trouble on Set