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Pronunciación en inglés de gross

  • bruto
  • gruesa
  • grave
  • grueso
  • asqueroso
  • grosero
  • enorme
  • craso
  • tremendo
  • intolerable
  • muy gordo

Ejemplos de películas

I'm a gross, scary severed head. Come on. Please.
Scary Movie - Wanna Play Pyscho Killer?
present gross national product within, say, 20 years.
Dr. Strangelove - Living Underground
But you're gonna have my piss on you, and that's gross.
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
It's not gross. How else do you think girls learn?
Cruel Intentions - Getting to First Base
all the while contributing to the gross national product
Be Cool - Racial Epithets
I've spoken with Dr. Gross, Nathan Gross, in the Special Care wing.
Dying of the Light - Frontotemporal Dementia
It's gross. I should be thoroughly repulsed.
Twilight: New Moon - Happy Birthday
Feel free to skim over those details as much as you want. - I won't gross you out.
The Guilt Trip - I Named You After Him