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Pronunciación en inglés de gym

  • Gimnasio
  • sala de deportes

Ejemplos de películas

I'll be at the gym or the other joint, one of the two.
Raging Bull - You Want Your Steak?
- I'll catch you by the gym. - All right. Sal?
Raging Bull - You Want Your Steak?
He isn't home from the gym yet.
Lucy - I Feel Everything
One of them, gym membership.
Knocked Up - Tighten Up
- Leave the gym right now. - For what?
Coach Carter - First Practice
I'll ask you one last time to leave the gym
Coach Carter - First Practice
give them fourth-floor corner by the gym,
Red Eye - Reservation Emergency
- I was eleven. My gym partner. - You kiss like a fish.
Down to You - First Real Kiss
twitty little gym girls. - Yeah, that's just ridiculous.
Life as We Know It - The Messer Magic