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Pronunciación en inglés de luck

  • suerte
  • fortuna
  • azar
  • ventura
  • destino

Ejemplos de películas

Somebody's got a frowny face. Boo! Better luck next time!
Despicable Me - It's So Fluffy!
Good luck auditioning this year. Douche-b's.
Pitch Perfect - Fat Amy
Good luck finding whatever it is you're looking for.
Legally Blonde 2 - Bruiser's Pedigree
I've been trying to be her peoples for weeks. Ain't had no luck.
Honey - Raymond Gets a Haircut
All the luck in the world isn't gonna change things for these guys.
Rounders - Atlantic City Suckers
Good luck with your layoffs, all right? I hope your firings go really well.
Office Space - Motivation Problems
Well perhaps you'll have better luck opening that.
Sherlock Holmes - Let it Breathe
- And I wish you all the best of luck. - Thank you.
The Hunger Games - Star-Crossed Lovers
- Stop it! - Good luck. See you at the office.
Mr. Deeds - A Lady in Distress
to a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, heredity and good luck.
The Age of Adaline - No Scientific Explanation
"Good luck with your future endeavors"?
Table 19 - Ridiculous
And it's just dumb luck like the flip of a coin.
The Bye Bye Man - Just Doing My Job