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Pronunciación en inglés de ruth

  • piedad

Ejemplos de películas

he found Ruth, Gladys, Rosemary, and Irving.
Chicago - Cell Block Tango
Bats himself the live-long day, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and so on.
The Untouchables - Batter Up
Just because your truth isn't a true truth doesn't mean there is no truth, Ruth.
Paul - Farting Buttholes
Ruth, I'm not sure this is helping.
Paul - Farting Buttholes
I mean, after all, we have our very own Ruth Ellis
Crooked House - Twisting My Words
Ruth Ellis shot her lover, not her husband.
Crooked House - Twisting My Words
No, Ruth, you're... You're a scary dog. Just be meaner.
The Star - Animal Impersonations