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Pronunciación en inglés de sometimes

  • a veces
  • algunas veces

Ejemplos de películas

Sometimes, all you could hear were the flat, hard, packing sounds over the yelling.
Fight Club - The First Rule of Fight Club
was sometimes a good thing to do, especially like that.
Bull Durham - Annie Seduces Nuke
Sometimes I used to go along on a heist, just for the fun of it
Casino - Dominick & the Desperadoes
Sometimes I wish that bullet really did kill you.
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
Not sure. Sometimes the line'll snap if the weather is bad, sure.
The Iron Giant - Something Big
I swear. Sometimes I think these toys have a mind of their own.
Scary Movie 2 - The Caretaker
Sometimes we'd just sit out and wait for the stars.
Forrest Gump - Peas and Carrots
But you know, The friends you have when you are younger sometimes
Bridesmaids - Insulting Behavior
You know, it happens sometimes that...
Ghost - Oda Mae Demands Respect
Sometimes I get cranky when I know I have a big test to study for.
American Pie - One Time at Band Camp
Sometimes we forget how to do the easiest thing in the world,
Couples Retreat - Couples Therapy
sometimes we need to put our personal feelings aside and focus...
Dave - Extending the Gig
Sometimes we need our friends...
Dave - Extending the Gig
You know, sometimes it just takes a while to cultivate one's own personal greatness.
Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj - Sexy Sadie
I know I act like I don't care sometimes,
Push - A Crappy Artist
Well. sometimes it takes decades to recover from a tragedy like this.
Orange County - Shakespeare
- Do you read the papers or watch TV? - Oh, sometimes, yeah.
Matchstick Men - Guaranteed Prizes
And sometimes, your love for her was so big...
Mystic River - Daddy is a King