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Pronunciación en inglés de violence

  • violencia
  • crueldad

Ejemplos de películas

Adrenaline junkie, addicted to violence...
Crank - Some Pills
Cut together, the montage will only suggest nudity, suggest violence.
Hitchcock - Only Suggesting Nudity
It's aesthetic observance of violence.
Sinister 2 - Bughuul
And as a younger man, there were other acts of violence,
No Good Deed - Malignant Narcissist
I can tell you there's violence in this man.
No Good Deed - Malignant Narcissist
but… I think was incidental to the nightmare of recrimination and violence
Four Weddings and a Funeral - To the Adorable Couple
I wonder what triggered all that violence.
Stir Crazy - Getting Chow