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Anthem Lights – Can't Get Over You şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Can't Get Over You - Anthem Lights

Şarkı Sözleri
çalışılacak sözcükler

Love the way you loved like no other

it's got nothing to do

with anything that I do

Time and time again You forgive me

so this time I choose

to stay here with you

Hold me

pull me just a little bit closer

I don't want to lose this moment

Your love has covered me

and now I can't get over You

I can't get over You

I can't get over You

I just can't get over You

Here in the arms of my Father

only grace can be found

so I lay my fears down

Nothing is the same anymore

You've changed me from the inside out

Now my heart is beating'

and it's singin' won't You

Hold me